NEO® is a media package for film, video game and music titles released on Blu-ray® and DVD discs. Its patented design showcases up to 6 discs, making NEO the ideal package for multi-media compilations and collector’s editions.

NEO provides a seamless canvas for title graphics featured on frameless, highly reflective panels that are created by its patent pending PixelChrome™ process.


The package opens to reveal two internal panels that in turn open to a 4-to-6 panel spread ideal for panoramic images. A choice of 2, 3, 4, or 6 discs are embedded in printed cavities and secured by a unique retention method. Strong, hidden magnets provide a soft, yet secure closure.

Closed size of 4-panel NEO: 5.35 in. x .425 in. x 6.725 in. (136 mm x 11.00 mm X 171 mm)

Closed size of 6-panel NEO: 5.35 in. x .660 in. x 6.725 in. (136 mm x 16.75 mm X 171 mm)

NEW! NEO-lite® O-sleeves for DVD, Blu-ray Disc and CD titles provide the same high-gloss PixelChrome™ effect for special releases.

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